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If you need a roll of felt or replacement roof tiles or are planning a major roofing project we have everyting you need including fixings.

At Green & Son we stock

  • AC (cement based) Verge Strips

  • Aluminium, Copper and Galvanised Nails

  • Eve Protection Units (EPU) in 1.5 m lengths

  • Galvanised Hip Irons

  • Roofing Felt Adhesives

  • Roofing Laths

Corrugated Sheeting

At Green and son we stock a selection of corrugated sheets

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Dry Verge, Ridge and Hips

We have dry verge, dry ridge and dry hip kits in stock.

Dry ridge and hip are available in 6m kits, No mortar required for installation and due to the tiles been mechanically fixed it makes it much stronger and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Minimal to 0 maintenance required over the lifespan on the roof.

Dry verge are available in Grey, Brown or Terracotta. 

Same as the dry ridge and hips, The dry verge require no mortar for installation which means they wont break down over time with the bad weather, They are a very smart finish once installed and again require zero maintenance.


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Felt Shingles

Coroshingle is a lightweight shingle tile strip suitable for use in timber frame roofing projects around the home and garden on sheds, play houses, home offices, summer houses and kennels. Featuring a simple interlocking system the tiles are quick and easy to lay providing a quality broken bond pattern. Coroshingle tiles are available in a choice of Slate and Red.

Available in 2 Square Metre Packs.

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GRP Roofing

We have started stocking materials for GRP Roofing.

Cromar PRO GRP is THE professional choice for glass fibre flat roofing. Cold-applied and with high impact and fire resistance, it provides a seamless, highly durable, flexible and virtually maintenance-free finish for almost any flat roof surface. Not only that it is heat resistant, storm proof and frost proof. Easy to form around complex details, it is ideal for vertical work and will withstand heavy foot traffic, even as part of a non-slip walkway.

We have all the materials required to undertake a GRP system, 

Give us a call for a free quotation.

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Roofing Felt

We stock a range of roofing felt in different qualities from roll on to torch on we also stock breathable and non-breathable Under Tile/Slating Felt as well as adhesives and nails to complete the job.

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Roof Tiles / Ridge Tiles

concrete and clay roof tiles, pan tiles and ridge tiles always in stock We supply concrete and clay roof tiles, pan tiles and ridge tiles in arange of styles and colours, see this website for details or pop in to our retail counter at Stanghow Road, Lingdale, Saltburn, Cleveland

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